Terrestrial Roots Full Spectrum CBD Oil (650)

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Our 1 oz. 30 ml Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Blend (650mg CBD) is Organic and made with ingredients designed to encourage the vitality of your optimal health. Our Full Spectrum Blend encourages the “entourage effect” which means that you are not only getting high quality CBD in your system but you are also getting a variety of beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG, and CBN including terpenes (therapeutic plant compounds) all at once. We blend our Full Spectrum Hemp CBD with Organic unrefined Hemp Seed Oil.

**Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains the legal amount of THC that can be extracted from Hemp plants. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil will not induce any psychoactive effects as it is a 34:1 ratio and will not create a “high” effect. A CBD Oil that contains very small amounts of THC has been proven to be more effective then a NO THC, CBD oil. CBD and THC are the power couple of cannabis sativa hemp plants.

Hemp-Seed Oil:
•Maintains a Hormonal Balance
•Great Source of Vitamins for vegetarians
•High Ratio (3:1) of Omega-3 and Omega-6
•Helps lower cholesterol
•Can help boost your immunity

How to use: Day or night, add to your favorite teas, smoothies, raw or cooked foods, or take it straight up!

Directions: Everyones body is different and we recommend taking 1 serving (half a dropper full = 10.8 mg) to start. Depending on how your body responds, feel free to up your dose till satisfied.

We encourage everyone to do their own independent research on each of our ingredients and their benefits.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract and Organic unrefined Hemp-Seed Oil.

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650 mg CBD Whole Plant Extract | 1 oz. 30 ml.

6 reviews for Terrestrial Roots Full Spectrum CBD Oil (650)

  1. Imani (verified owner)

    I ordered this CBD oil for my crippling social anxiety and this weird problem that I have mostly at night where I feel of out of my body or nonexistent ( called depersonalization/derealizartion) . It was mostly for social anxiety though. This stuff definitely works. I was a little skeptic at first bc there were no reviews ..but after taking this oil I was so relaxed after about half an hour when I first tried it was great . I’m also usually kinda moody but I was laying across my bed just chatting it up and felt extra motivated to start new projects. Usually when I walk through the library on campus I am swamped with anxiety but after taking the CBD I never in my life just felt so at ease . It’s nuts . I also haven’t felt that “out of body” feeling since I’ve been using it . Shipping was super fast , got it in about 2 days . I will definitely buy again ! Try it out guys !

  2. Lina (verified owner)

    I just finished a bottle of this! It’s helped a lot with migraines and anxiety. My body feels relaxed and my mind at ease, without the “high” sensation – which is great. Shipping was lightening fast, got it in just a couple of days which was wonderful. I also love supporting small businesses – so I appreciate the love they put into each product. Shop small! I super recommend and will definitely be buying again!

  3. Geri

    I really love this. Has helped with alot of my health issues and pains.

  4. Samantha (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product, I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and it really helps sooth my anxiety! A lot of anxiety medication hasn’t worked for me, so finding a natural remedy is so great. Shipping was fast, and I’ll definitely buy more!

  5. Sam (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough amazing things about this company and this product! I was lucky enough to meet the owner in-person at a pop-up market around the holidays and she took the time to talk me through each product, my concerns, and help me decide what might work best for me. I’m someone who suffers from severe anxiety and C-PTSD and have been looking for a natural addition to my self-care routines. I’ve been using this product consistently for the past two and a half months and have noticed an improvement in many of my symptoms and plan to make this product a staple of my treatment. Shipping was fast and realiable, it was packaged with love and a personal touch that is hard to find, and the product itself is very high quality especially compared to others on the market. When it comes to anything in the cannabis industry (which so often only benefits and excels white men), it’s also important to me to be mindful of who/what my money supports. I support exclusively women-owned small businesses and preferably women of color who are the ones being disproportionately excluded from these markets. This is a product whose ingredients I can trust from a company I can value. Thank you!

  6. Jessica Nunez

    I’ve been using Terrestrial Roots CBD Oil for sometime now and its my go to oil! I take 2 doses a day and my mood swings have decreased immensely. I trust this company and her products! Thank you!

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